Shining a Light on the New ManhattanLife Brand

We are excited to reveal the new ManhattanLife brand to our valued producer partners. This new branding and positioning authentically represents who we are today while honoring our storied past. We believe the new branding will create awareness and momentum and help us all better capitalize on the opportunities ahead.

Arming You with Greater Opportunity For Success

With the new brand comes powerful new messaging and positioning to strengthen your selling strategy. Empowering you and helping to grow your business is a key objective, and so we have developed brand stories and compelling communication tools for your use with marketing to customers and prospects. The brand rollout is a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to your success — and there is much more to come.

Grounded in the Value of Partnership

Fundamental to the ManhattanLife mission, vision and culture is the relationship we have with you. Our new brand represents the independent spirit that allows us to focus on what is best for producers and policyholders. It represents our commitment to partnership and helping you grow your customer base, strengthen your customer relationships and celebrate the rewards of your success.

Introducing Our New Brand

The bold lines and artistic representation of Lady Liberty reflect our independent spirit and willingness to think and operate differently. The evolved tagline speaks to our 170 years of reliability and faithfulness to our producer partners and policyholders.

Watch Our New Video!

If you’re searching for a proven partner with products that enable you to proudly stand by your customers — then it’s time you had ManhattanLife…standing by you.