Qualities of the New Brand

The artistic line stroke of the logo captures our brand essence. It is bold, vibrant and confident. The sketch quality indicates that we are always evolving and progressing. And the fluid composition represents our agility and responsiveness to every day needs and challenges.

Iconic Symbolism

The iconic symbolism of Lady Liberty is an authentic embodiment of the ManhattanLife brand. She commands a strong presence, steadfast in purpose and independent in spirit. Her torch is a beacon for our life aspirations of health, wealth and security. She represents our core values of reliability, fairness and respect for partnership. Lady Liberty stands for all of America. Just as we do.

Unique and Distinctive

The new logo identity is reflective of ManhattanLife’s brand persona. It is the visual representation of the independence which allows us to make our own decisions and take our own actions to remain true to what we stand for — standing by you. Like us, it is unique, distinctive and authentic to our organization and culture.

“We wanted a logo that reflects our independent spirit, willingness to think differently and the value we place on relationships and human connection.”