We believe that at the heart of our business, our relationship with policyholders is only as strong as our relationship with you — and your relationship with them. You have your finger on the pulse of what matters most to customers and so we place a high value on your insights and have a deep respect for our partnerships.

Independence Frames Our Relationships

ManhattanLife is privately held with financial strength comparable to the large, publicly traded insurance companies. In fact, we write $1 million in annuities each day. Yet, as an independent closely held organization, we are untethered to the conflicts of interest that can burden our publicly-traded peers. This means we can keep producer and policyholder needs first. We understand a problem for you is a problem for us. And because we are structurally different, we can respond in ways the others cannot. As a flat organization, we can make decisions quickly and address issues before they escalate or create a ripple effect.

Diversity of Products to Grow Your Business

With our nationwide reach and ability to sell in every state, we are everywhere you need us. We have strategically grown our product lines so you can offer your customers the right policy at the right time for every phase of life. We will continue to expand our portfolio with the most benefit friendly products on the market. Our Individual Life & Health, Medicare Supplement and Voluntary Benefits policies are diverse, relevant, easy to write and offer greater payouts. And we have acquired product lines from well-known competitors and will even write coverage most of our peers will not, such as standalone disability for federal employees. We consider our organization’s primary purpose to be providing insurance and annuity products that help you help policyholders achieve the life affirmations of health, wealth and security.

Responsive Service to Serve Your Customers

Culturally, we are service oriented. We stay agile so we can innovate products in response to market demand. Our independence enables this willingness to customize policies to meet your customers’ evolving needs — and bring them to market quickly. Unlike other large insurance companies, we are not hamstrung by corporate red tape or shareholder priorities. We can nimbly modify products based on your feedback or to address regulatory changes. We are a high touch culture and prefer live conversations or face-to-face interaction to offshore call centers and automation. And we ensure you have accessibility to our senior management and can count on us to quickly and accurately process claims with unparalleled speed of issue resolution.

The Rewards of Partnership

As an independent that values partnership, we will continue to develop superior incentive programs and host trips and events to strengthen meaningful connections with high performing producers. We are deeply vested in our producer relationships — nothing is more important to the organization than the relationship we have with you. We listen and respond. You want more stories and support materials — we heard you. And as part of the new brand rollout, they are now available with more to come. Beyond the rebrand, our leadership has identified many opportunities ahead for business growth and producer partner wealth creation. And as your partner, we’ll be standing by you every step of the way.

“Respect for partnership is fundamental to ManhattanLife. We know our connection with policyholders is only as strong as the relationship we have with you.”